This site is uniquely qualified for sales and distribution of books published by Dukaty Ltd. Our objective is to present you with as much as possible information, in order to facilitate your selection. This is in line with our policy for non-returnable, non-refundable purchase.

All purchased books are being forwarded to you by assigned package as a printed matter. Postage and packaging are dependent on the address zone where you live and on the weight of the parcel. These are all indicated in tables for each individual book. Postage and packaging costs are being added to the price of the books, to form the final total price of each purchase.

An order is considered complete when we receive the payment in our account AND your name and address where to forward the goods. Optional is to send us as well an e-mail address, in which case we will be able to advise you about the date of the shipment.

We undertake to publicize herewith also the upcoming books from our program for the next few months. While these are only our rough estimates, that enables you to order upfront, as we distribute on a “first come first serve” base. In that case sending us an e-mail address together with your payment is definitely strongly advisable since we will be notifying you both about successful receipt of your order and about the expected as well as the actual timing of shipment, when it comes to that.

We offer the provisions to pay in Euro or Leva - the Bulgarian national currency (BGN). Payments can be executed by PayPal, or by bank order, to the bank accounts listed. In the latter case, your choice of book - or just its Code - and the address for shipping must be provided as a reference for the payment.

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Titles offered currently in English:

1)  My Diet  -  ISBN 954-91584-1-1  -  Code EN1    

2)  Bulgaria, terra europeansis incognita  -  ISBN 978-954-91584-3-4  -  Code EN2    

3)  Tell Bourgas, season 2008-2009: ALBUM  -  ISBN 978-954-91584-8-9  -  Code EN3

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